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Our Rights, going to the highest bidder.

Magna Carta Is Going on the Auction Block - New York Times
The faded letters in Latin are unreadable in places. Something that looks like a scraggly, russet-colored tail hangs from the bottom.
It is the document that laid the foundation for fundamental principles of English law. Angry colonists complained long before the Boston Tea Party that King George III had violated it. The men who drafted the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights borrowed from it.
It is Magna Carta, agreed to by King John of England in 1215 and revised and reaffirmed through the 13th century. The tail dangling off the page is a royal seal.

And it is about to go on sale....

“This is surprising,” said Lewis L. Neilson Jr., the chancellor of the National Society Magna Charta Dames and Barons, a nonprofit group in Philadelphia that promotes awareness of Magna Carta, the literal translation of which is “Great Paper.” “It provides a real rallying point for emphasizing the importance of individual liberty and the rule of law, and it will be curious to see what happens to it and who’s interested in purchasing it and what they do with it.”

Well it wont be our masters in Brussels or Westminster for a start, those concepts are anathema to them and our historic rights an embarrassment that need to be "tidied up" as quickly as possible.


Brown should buy it and then publicly set fire to it outside No 10, thus publicly acknowledging and completing the job of dismantling civil liberties that he and Blair began ten years ago.

It is not surprising. The so called liberal political class has no interest in liberty where it may baulk them from getting their way in all things and imposing their views on us. Not surprising but supremely ironic. It is somehow cynical. To parody William Pitt the Younger when he heard the news of the Battle of Austerlitz "Roll up that Charter of Liberties it will not be needed these ten years" - particularly after a Brown landslide.

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