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The European Brown Takeover

Michael Gove - Times Online

There is one way in which Britain has become much more European in the past year or two that has nothing to do with either the EU constitution being smuggled back or the goal tally in the Premier League. It’s shoes; men’s shoes.

It’s now positively fashionable to wear brown leather shoes with business suits. Until a few years ago that was a style tic restricted to Mediterranean countries.

I must say I think brown leather much more handsome than black. But I suspect that most people think this continental trend is a lowering of standards. I’d be interested to be proved wrong.

Wrong, wrong, wrong, it is just plain wrong - even the Germans know the rules: Die Engländer, den Irrungen und Wirrungen schnelllebiger Trends seit je abhold, sagen nach wie vor: "no brown in town" und "no brown after six".

And talking of which I'm in London on Thursday with no appointment for lunch - suggestions please..


Well, if you are looking for a lunch companion, I would be happy to oblige. What kind of thing are you looking for? I mean, I love Rules but that may be a wee bit pricey for a casual luncheon engagement...


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