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Rockall Times

BBC ON THIS DAY | 21 | 1955: Britain claims Rockall

The UK formally claimed uninhabited Rockall, which is just 70ft (21m) high, on 18 September 1955 at 1016 GMT.

Two Royal Marines and a civilian naturalist, led by Royal Navy officer Lieutenant Commander Desmond Scott, raised a Union flag on the island and cemented a plaque into the rock.

The islet is within reach of the planned guided missile range in the Hebrides ...

Queen Elizabeth authorised the annexation on 14 September.

Her orders stated: "On arrival at Rockall you will effect a landing and hoist the Union flag on whatever spot appears most suitable or practicable and you will then take possession of the island on our behalf."

End of story so WTF is this about?

Iceland talks to resolve rival claims to Rockall - Telegraph
The long-running dispute over the ownership of Rockall, the inaccessible lump of granite rising out of the Atlantic, will come to a head when the rival nations that lay claim to its territorial boundaries meet for talks in Iceland.

For decades Britain and Ireland have been unable to agree who owns the outcrop and, more importantly, the surrounding seabed, which is rich in oil and gas.

Representatives from Britain, Ireland, Denmark (acting for the Faroe Islands) and Iceland will attempt to resolve the issue at talks in Reykjavik.

Tell the bog trotters, whalers and cod botherers where to go, and that is not Rockall.

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Rockall belongs to Ireland face it! England can't claim somthing that is not theirs so get the union jack of it and get the Irish flag up tell the queen to leave it because she won't win.

England isn't claiming it,because England has no coastline anywhere near it!

listen you bog trotting numpties, Rockall belongs to me, me and only me. I went and built a light house on the top of the island
in the 70's that makes it mine and if anyone else has set foot on my island you owe me vast quantities of money,please let me have your bank details as soon as possible and I will clear it out for you.
Thank you

para irlanda!! viva irlanda!! one horse race my friends, divine and default right of ireland due to its territorial proximity. I am led to believe that the UK have also other territorial claims on ireland. which in my opinion is obserd in these modern times. i was always taught in school that the days of the british colonial empire were over... what is taking them so long to ceed these national territories.

can someone please explain?



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