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Living Death

Ian Huntley attempts suicide - Telegraph

Soham murderer Ian Huntley was being treated in hospital tonight after trying to kill himself with a suspected overdose.

Some of us would think the most suitable treatment would be leave him in a cell with a hook in the ceiling, a length of rope and rickety chair. What are striving to keep him alive for? He is never going to be released, he wants to die, simple. Or do we want to keep him caged up for our public enjoyment so we can sleep easier knowing the bad men are behind bars? It seems a cruel punishment to keep someone alive when they don't want to be.

Patients' 'living wills' will give legal 'right to die' - Telegraph

Doctors who refuse to let incapacitated patients die even though it has been stipulated in their "living wills" could face assault charges under a law to be introduced on Monday.

The Mental Capacity Act will ensure that people's living wills or "advance decisions" will have the force of law when they become incapacitated.

They will be able to insist that they do not want to be resuscitated in the event that they lose the ability to refuse treatment themselves.

So will this apply to prisoners like him?


I,m fine with whatever he goes through.

I reckon he, like anyone else of sound mind, has the right to refuse treatment even if that refusal leads to his death.

He didn't do that though. He took an overdose, then presented himself seeking treatment, which they are legally obliged to provide. It wasn't an attempted suicide, it was a ploy.

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