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Cameron Picture Quiz


So which one to you want to punch for being a silly round pink thing on a stick?

Those very nice people at Sky sent me a pack of their Politician Top Trump cards, where David Cameron rates for his looks, but, but is it just me. I think his top Tory Toff looks count against him. He looks just that bit too well fed, manicured and buffed. No hint of work or worry has lined his face, and the idea of his physog beaming out of the telly is not an inducement for voting for him.


The cut of his jib reminds me of a former colleague who was slightly mad.

Englishman, stop publically knocking cameron. Do you really want labour to win?

Labour just pretended to be Conservative to trick the plebs. Once in they introduced their pet projects, Invasion Immigration, Stealth Taxes, OAP Euthanasia, pitiful sentencing for murder etc etc etc.

Try to box a bit clever.

I agree that Cameron comes over as a toff too much. I personally think he is the biigest obstacle to Conservative success, a bit like Kinnock was for Labour. he inspires his followers but annoys the hell out of floating voters.

He looks strangely doughy, but his biggest problem is his mouth is too small. Same problem as Ian Duncan Whatsisname. Nobody ever votes for bumhole mouths.

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