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Nurse stole dying D-Day hero's wallet - Telegraph

A nurse made the biggest mistake of her life when she stole a dying war veteran's wallet to pay her telephone bill, a court heard yesterday.

Veronica Harold, 47, used a cash card belonging to 83-year-old Albert Davies which she took with a wallet from his locker at Fazakerley Hospital in Liverpool.

Mr Davies, of Norris Green, Liverpool, was awarded the Croix de Guerre, France's military honour, in recognition of his bravery during the D-Day landings.

He was admitted to the hospital last July and died of pneumonia 10 days later.

Harold, who pleaded guilty to theft and fraud, stole his Barclays bank card while he was unconscious. She used it to settle a £284 phone bill, Liverpool magistrates heard.
Harold was given a three-month suspended jail sentence and was ordered to pay £284.50 compensation.

Phil Mitchell, defending, said Harold, of Kirkby, Merseyside, acknowledged she had committed a "serious breach of trust". He said: "She has made the biggest mistake of her life and has profusely apologised to everyone involved in the matter."

She had lost the job she loved, she was also about to lose her home and had suffered abuse following publicity about the case,..

Feel free to add to the abuse.


It's nothing to the mistake the court made. What is the message here? Behave like an unutterable scumbag to one of our nation's heroes, and you probably won't be caught. If you are, you will be punished on terms that make the money you took an interest-free loan. God rot the present regime and its judicial lackeys.

"...and has profusely apologised to everyone involved in the matter."

Did they dig up Albert Davies or did the legal firm hold a seance so she could apologise to him? Did he accept her apology?

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