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Election Date - The Predictions

Guy Fawkes' blog of parliamentary plots, rumours and conspiracy: Election Fever - Who Says When

* Peter Riddell - "it will almost certainly be on November 1 or 8."
* Tim Montgomerie - thought Gordon would call it during Labour conference.
* Iain Dale - thought Gordon might call it during Tory conference

* Team Cameron - we don't know but "we are on battle stations".

* Adam Boulton - told Guido he didn't think this autumn, but you never know.
* Mike Smithson - thinks Gordon will play it extra long, not before 2009.
* Fraser Nelson - can't see why Gordon would want to shorten his reign.
* Benedict Brogan - not now, according to his Brownite sources.

Where is Guido sticking his neck? The Brownies are a secretive cabal yet they have signalled a supposed snap election intention. Why would they signal their true intentions to the enemy? Gordon will stretch out his term as long as he can...

Iain Dale jumped off the fence some time ago by predicting that Brown would indeed call an autumn poll.

"The events of the past few days are making me a little nervous about that prediction but I still think it's 60-40 in favour. But if Ben is right, the quote I gave the Telegraph earlier today will be very aposite...

If the party has succeeded in putting Gordon Brown off calling an election they will have achieved one of the greatest feats in modern political history. They will have got out of jail. All credit to those who organised this conference."

As I said before I was in the Brown's bottled it camp before the Tory conference and after the glowing reports from Blackpool I think Gordon's nails are chewed to the quick and he hasn't got the balls to fight.


Of course Brown's got balls. Ed!

Who cares?

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