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Where's my Passport?

My mower blades arrived this morning from The States wrapped in the local real estate pages, and my local paper with its adverts also arrived. I couldn't help comparing and contrasting:
Now how do I get a green card?

(Of course what this example shows is the real cost of our ridiculous planning system, forcing us to live in shoe boxes to satisfy some bureaucratic policy. And that is a real loss of our well being.)


Erm, visit the US embassy and request political asylum?

I just had the pleasure of helping family in utah build a 6 bed house..cost..$300k...If I can get a green card one day i,m gone.

Actually, in much of the US, that's kinda pricey. I'm looking at a 1600 sq ft fixer upper on 4 acres in Pennsylvania, who's asking price is $80,000.

I think you will find we live in shoe boxes because we are so keen on protecting the Green Belt. Open a copy of the Daily Mail and you will find hundreds of stories about middle England complaining about concreting over the countryside. Sure our house are small and it would be nice to have a swimming pool, but we do have one benefit over the yanks; our suburbs are not 100s miles of endless, featureless same same housing with the odd metal shed hypermarket dropped in occasionally where the only way to get around is by car. At least our towns have some features and character.

Could it be something to do with supply and demand?

You know, land area, population density, that sort of thing?

Just wondering.

(Oh and of course the planning system is rubbish, that goes without saying, after all it's run by the State, isn't it?)

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