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CliffsNotes on An Inconvenient Truth

Watts Up With That? brings us Detailed Comments on An Inconvenient Truth by Bob Edelman

If our schoolchildren are going to be frogmarched into halls to be shown this film then they ought have a simple critique handy.


Ask teacher what caused the mile thick glaciers covering much of Europe and N Americca to melt some 20,000 years ago.
Climate change is a natural phenominum.

I read it on the way here, and it seems to be spot on.

I reckon Ian's suggestion is also a good one, assuming the teacher has the brain cells to take the point.

Could also ask Mr or Miss Chalk to explain why little Johnny has to suffer Al Gore when Gore doesn't agree with the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change, of the famous alleged 2,500 scientists. The IPCC documents and process are thoroughly corrupt, but there is still some fun to be had with it.

Samples: Gore predicts a sea level rise this century of at least 20 feet, the IPCC a maximum of 2 feet. My prediction: 6 to 8 inches as usual.

Gore makes much of the Hockey Stick graph, which claims steady temperatures over the last 1,000 years, ending in a steep rise over the last 30. This was devised by one Michael Mann, whose data and treatment was shown a year or so ago to be suspect, to put it mildly. When enough teachers have been asked to explain why the Hockey Stick was dropped from the 2007 IPCC report, the whole scare-you-mentary will be dropped from the curriculum.

If school children of today are anything like I was many moons ago, they will delight in making teach squirm by asking intelligent questions. When parents know the film is to be shown, they should prime their children with questions, supported with references where appropriate. If assignments come out of the film, they should assist their children in preparing a sceptical assignment. Even if the assignment is a trite and unimaginative "what can you do to help prevent climate change?", one can still write an essay explaining why it is improbable that anyone can do anything to measurably or significantly affect global climate change. One could also talk about choosing not to be involved in the widespread deforestation of the slopes of a snow capped mountain if one desired to retain said snow cap.

It would be interesting to see one's child's school's reaction if you offered to donate a copy of this book to the school library.


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