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Self Referencing Blog Post

The excellent John Redwood considers the wide range of “bloggerisms” there can now be and gives a few meanings, uses, and adapted well known phrases and sayings:

May I suggest Blogthority; sometimes when I google for an authority to quote or borrow from I find to my surprise that the leading source is me, which is scary.

I popped into my local Teutonic Purveyors of Fine Groceries to the Gentry - Lidl - and was taken back by the pallet load of burnt and ground up bones for sale in transparent bags - something about the German labelling of Bone Meal at Special Price was a touch chilling.

To pad out the post I was planning on this I googled for an image:

lidl bonemeal - Google Image Search

And whilst there are no images of Lidl Bonemeal most of the top results are from this blog and a page where Lidl is mentioned once and bonemeal not at all. How does that work?


Oh, they have an excellent range of blood and bonemeal - one just has to get the week right - they're (again if one gets the week right) surprisingly good at horsey products (and not just sausages).

Actully cool!

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