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Danny Bottles Labelling Brown

Comment Central - Times Online - Daniel Finkelstein: Why Brown is not a bottler

So if he isn't a bottler, what is he?

First, an obsessive. .. The upside is that he only moves when victory is assured. The downside is that the story gets out, putting him under huge pressure. It's made him look like a serial bottler.

Second, surrounded by unbelievably arrogant advisers and with an arrogant streak himself. ..

Third, unbelievably political...

And finally, what is he? In a lot of trouble.

Sorry, Danny you are wrong, he is also a bottler. When he didn't move against Blair in 94, or mount a putsch against him or call this election the odds may have been against him but that is the point of having bottle, risking it a bit. Only taking sure bets is the sign of a coward. There is a book about Courage he ought to read sometime - The Amazon synopsis reads
What is it that makes some men and women take difficult decisions and do the right thing against the odds when easier and far less dangerous alternatives are open to them? Why is it that some people - .. - have the courage to dare? To answer these questions, Gordon Brown.....


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