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Benn's Silencing of The Lambs

Healthy lambs will be slaughtered and burnt - Times Online
Hundreds of thousands of healthy lambs on Scottish hill farms are to be slaughtered and incinerated as a result of an export ban imposed by foot-and-mouth restrictions.

Up to 400,000 light lambs will be disposed of under a “welfare” initiative, first reported in The Times 11 days ago. Because of the movement restrictions the animals have been starving as grazing diminishes.

The lambs, which weigh under 25kg, were specially bred for the European market, where they are eaten whole. But because of the lack of decent grazing, they are now regarded as too small to be processed for butcher meat. The situation is so desperate that many of the lambs have been eating grass reserved to fatten ewes.

Plans to can the meat and send it to Malawi, rather than simply render it, were blocked by the EU export ban...

Eaten whole? Is Mr Creosote alive and well? I think Booker and Eu Referendum provide a better coverage of this literal shambles.

Last night Hilary Benn, Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Farming, announced a £12.5 million support package for livestock farmers in England hit by the foot-and-mouth restrictions, with separate arrangements for farmers in Scotland and Wales; however it was not clear if the payments would cover the cost of the cull in Scotland.

As Mr Benn announced the details of the support package he acknowledged that the most likely source of the outbreak was faulty drains at premises in Pirbright, Surrey.

Oh that is good of him to admit to the possibility it is bloody Defra's fault, what are the chances that he will eventually tell the truth in the end?


It'll be around the med where they're spit-roasted whole. And with an after dinner mint at the end, no doubt.

Talking about not being able to move produce, at a recent auction there were ~150 14kg pigs/ferkins - perfect for the Christmas market and no one took them at a fiver each because no one has the space with next generations coming through.

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