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Climate Change goes too far

Climate change 'could be a fashion disaster' - Telegraph
Climate change could be about to claim a new victim – the fashion industry.

Designers and industry experts fear that the traditional seasonal collections which have formed the backbone of the business may become meaningless due to increasing unpredictability of the weather.

Beppe Modenese, the founder of Milan Fashion Week, has predicted that the "whole fashion system will have to change" ...

Now it is serious, all the luvvies in their ridiculous frocks are going the way of the polar bears, man the barricades! Give the great prophet a Nobel Prize....

As a side note I'm sure you join me in wishing John Brignell well and a speedy recovery so he can add this to the complete list of things caused by global warming


Surely, if you don't know if there is going to be a heatwave one minute, a blizzard the next, a cyclone soon after, all topped off with your high street being submerged by rising seas, then everyone will need a bigger wardrobe? If I believed in anthropogenic climate cataclysms I might even be tempted to buy shares in the fashion industry.

We can only hope that they and their ridiculous fabric fantasies get stuffed in the steamy footlocker of Climatology. Around here they've already been meaningless and out-of-sync for ages.

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