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Alarums and excursions

Watts Up With That?
According to Investors Business Daily, Al Gore will be awarded the Nobel Peace prize and share it with Canadian climate researcher Sheila Watt-Cloutier.

IBD writes: “…a couple of global warming alarmists. With dozens of wars raging, the committee couldn’t find a single person laboring honorably for peace?”

A quick look through past winners shows they will be sharing it with at least three terrorists (reformed branch), Kofi Annan and Jimmy Carter. Not exactly the dinner party guest list of choice.

There is one woman who deserves it more than any other person, her steadfast defence of Western Democracy and its peoples against naked aggression surprised our enemies and caused them to question their whole aggressive doctrine. Her principles inspired other leaders such as Ronald Reagan and were the cornerstone of the strategy that destroyed the greatest threat to peace in my lifetime, the original evil empire. Ladies and Gentlemen, Lady Thatcher, the real peacemaker.


In his desire to see the global economy contract, except for his own little carbon offsetting part of it, Al Gore is pro-poverty, which is in direct opposition to the reason some of the past winners have received their prizes. And as, according to those who constantly tell us we need to deal with the causes, poverty is the primary cause of terrorism, Al Gore is also pro-terrorism. (He is also a git)

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