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We the undersigned

The Prime Minister: He talks about a clamour for an election. I looked at the Downing street website this morning. There is a petition on the website calling for an election. It is signed by 26 people...

Guy Fawkes' blog of parliamentary plots, rumours and conspiracy: Just in Case You Want that Election

At one point in Gordon's battering at PMQs he claimed that hardly anyone had signed the petition for an election on the Downing Street website. Click here to sign.

3475 signed now when I just checked, an amazing increase since Gordon publicised it, I wonder how high it will go? His boast will come back to haunt him...


What about Nigel Farage's petition on the European Union on the same website?

More publicity for it would help.

Friday, 10.30pm, well over 12 thousand signatures.
I will look for the Euro petition Robert, with a view to signing.

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