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BBC Analysis of An Inconvenient Porky Pie

The heat and light in global warming
By Roger Harrabin
BBC Environment Analyst

I have spent much of the last two decades of my journalistic life warning about the potential dangers of climate change, but when I first watched Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth I felt a flutter of unease.

Not because the central message - that climate change is happening and almost certainly caused by mankind - is untrue; but because in several points of the film, Mr Gore simply goes too far...

Fair enough we know where we are, you aren't reporting the science, you are on a mission..

A recent poll by Ipsos Mori showed that 82% of people were personally concerned about climate change, but a majority (56%) believed that many leading experts still question if human activity is contributing to climate change.

This latter conclusion is simply wrong - all the world's major scientific institutions believe the man-made climate change theory - but the Gore court judgment will confuse people even more. ....

....climate sceptics - some well-meaning scientists, but many in the pay of the oil industry - discredit the global warming theory.

The sceptics knew that they did not need to win the battle of climate facts, they just needed to keep doubt alive.

The problem is that climate science is a massive and messy field; and although even the White House now accepts that the climate is changing and humankind is more than 90% likely to blame, there are still wrinkles in the science, signposts that point in the opposite direction to the one we expect.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) deals with these wrinkles by expressing its prognoses in bands of uncertainty: the climate is likely to warm by between 1.8C and 4.0C by the end of the century.

But movies are not made of piffling equivocations like this, so Mr Gore dispenses with many of them.

Mr Justice Burton takes exception with nine such simplifications, or "errors".

"errors" - in quote marks because you believe they aren't actually errors? For the greater good a few untruths are necessary? A bit like this claim in your article:

"Al Gore, an environmental science graduate"

Seems strange this doesn't seem to make it into his CV...

Profile of Al Gore

# Education: Degree in government, with honors, Harvard University, 1969.
# Attended Divinity School in Tennessee.
# Attended Vanderbilt Law School.

But I forget it's for the children:

If the conservative IPPC forecasts are accurate our children may rue the years we spent squabbling over climate change rather than tackling it.

Don't worry about trying to get the science right or factoring in the costs of "tackling it" lets just get on with doing stuff that makes us feel better.....


"Attended Divinity School in Tennessee": I understand that he twice failed to get a Masters degree. Even though his father was US Senator for Tennessee. Even bloody W managed a Masters degree.

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