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Much too young

Children who can’t write their own name - Times Online

Forty per cent of children struggle to write their own name or to sound out letters to form simple words such as “dog” or “red” by the age of 5, government figures show....

Around £21 billion has been invested in a series of initiatives but the latest results for schools in England show little improvement in children’s language and literacy and personal, social and emotional development.

The findings raise serious questions about the effectiveness of flagship government schemes such as Sure Start to boost the development of the under-5s, although some critics point out that in many countries children are not expected to start to read or write until they are 7.

Quite. Children start school far too young, most are simply not ready for it, but the schools bully parents to send them to keep their numbers up, and other parents want free daytime childcare so they want to send the kids. But the if the little tots are too young then there is no point to it. All they learn is what is officially called "institutionalisation" - they pavlovianly learn to obey the system.


Remember as well, this isn't the old Labour made up of horny handed sons of toil. This is the New touchy feey Labour, made up of the sort of pushy, middle-class ninnies who play Mozart to the foetus in the womb and confuse the crap out of toddlers by flashing picture cards at them while reciting Einstein's theory of relativity at them.

According to their paradigm, kids being kids is unacceptable. They need to "develop".

Children start school far too young
Today's children do, certainly, because their (largely) ineffectual parents have failed in their duty to prepare them for it. I (and my siblings) could read, write and do basic arithmetic before starting primary school because our mother cared sufficiently to teach us. Given that pre-school attendance is pretty much compulsory these days, I have to wonder what actually goes on in the Sure-Start buildings. It certainly isn't education.

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