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Game Girl

Kate Middleton goes hunting at Balmoral
She has a relaxed shooting style

Today the Queen’s 50,000-acre Balmoral estate was the setting for Kate Middleton’s intimate weekend with Prince William - and the backdrop for the first public photograph of her with the man tipped to become her future father in law.

Dressed in a camouflage jacket, dark jeans, leg warmers and gaiters over her boots, Miss Middleton could be seen at one point lying on the ground - seemingly to prepare the sights of her gun before shooting. ...

Prince Charles will relish the fact that Miss Middleton has joined in so enthusiastically with country pursuits and that she appears to enjoy her time at Balmoral.

His first wife, the late, Diana, Princess of Wales, always resented being “dragged” to the estate, preferring to spend time in London.

Is it just me but I hate the Americanism of using "hunting" when one is talking about "shooting"?

So blah de blah, seems like the right sort of "gal" etc., too much beer after watching England win, in depth analysis confined to "nice arse, is there anything better than fit girl getting down and dirty?"


Hunting is when you go stalking for game. Shooting is when you shoot game or targets. They can be combined in the same exercise.

She's not bad looking. I'd let her call it whatever she fancies.

Why the photo of grass?


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