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Strictly no vinegar at conker championship - Telegraph
Today, the Ashton Conker Club in Northants holds the annual World Conker Championships, rules is rules. Baking or soaking is banned (indeed, competitors are not allowed to use their own conkers, instead picking them at random from a bag).

The string – 8in long, no less – must not be knotted or tampered with. Repeatedly tangling strings brings disqualification. And games have a strict five-minute time limit.

It may be something of a relief, then, to find that the Health and Safety establishment is easing off the conkering heroes. Perhaps trying to shake off its killjoy image, a team from the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health will instead be lining up to take a crack at the title.

Conker posed by Kim.


Conker posed by Kim.

Who looks completely bemused by the entire concept :-)


I remember that moment... trying to explain the concept to the boys. "So you slam it to knock the one out of the other person's hand." That look of "And we do this TO hurt each other?" realization was priceless.

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