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Backburnerisation of Tony's Policys

Labour to scrap national road pricing plans - Telegraph
The sudden reversal on road pricing is the latest in a series of flagship policies advocated by Tony Blair to have been scrapped by Gordon Brown.

It follows the decision to abandon plans for a "super casino" and to review the current laws on cannabis and all-day drinking.

One senior Government source said national road pricing had fallen down the list of priorities – "it has been back burnered."

Tony who? as they are saying in corridors of power. But isn't this road pricing scheme all about supporting the EU Galileo project, the vanity system of satellites we are paying for? "The EU commission is determined that any European system should be based exclusively on Galileo for which use it will be charging national operators. Therein lies the prospect of a lucrative "Euro-tax", with motorists contributing to the EU coffers every time they take to the roads." I'm sure Eureferendum will be along with more on this Eu-turn.


The National Road Pricing is being scrapped. But people have short memories.


It was replaced quietly by the The LOCAL TRANSPORT ACT and has 9 regional transport pricing areas in it, 1 for each region, and they are located at major intersections of motorway in each case, which means that you cannot move across the UK without encountering any 1 of these schemes, and says that any road pricing schemes run by local governments in future must be interoperable.

The government submitted two tender notices in May 07 to the Official Journal of the European Union, asking companies to come forward for the demonstrations, which are now expected to start in spring 2008..

see http://tinyurl.com/2qsbjr
AND http://tinyurl.com/3d2w7o
AND http://tinyurl.com/3dduac

Greater Bristol area
Cambridge area
Greater Manchester
Shropshire for Shrewsbury
Tyne & Wear
West Midlands
Norwich area
Nottingham, Leicester and Derby and the surrounding counties


and they all have to be done under a common system dictated by the EU.


THE government has moved into the phase now where everything will be done on a regional basis, as they no longer have powers over the UK as a whole.

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