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Algore's threat to my morning cup of tea - you have gone too far now!

The UHT route to long-life planet - Times Online
It’s enough to put the nation off breakfast. Civil servants have suggested that Britons put long-life milk in tea and pour it on their cornflakes to save the planet from global warming.

Officials at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs have made a serious proposal that consumers switch to UHT (Ultra-High Temperature or Ultra-Heat Treated) milk to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

It is part of a government strategy to ensure that some 90 per cent of milk on sale will not require refrigeration by 2020. That most shoppers would not even know where to find UHT milk in shops (the cartons are discreetly placed near baking ingredients) does not seem to have deterred government strategists. The move would mean a big shift from fresh-milk consumption to long life. In Britain 93 per cent of milk sold is fresh. UHT, powdered milk and baby milk make up the rest of the market.

The plan is set out in a government paper, seen by The Times, that was sent out last month to farmers’ leaders and the dairy industry. The “milk road map” is intended to help a dairy industry committee set up to work out the carbon footprint for milk and dairy products and to identify ways of reducing that footprint.

And we pay their wages to come up with moronic ideas like that! The availability of fresh milk for breakfast delivered to my door is one of the few remaining advantages this benighted Isle has over places foreign. How anyone can live on the Continent or other godforsaken corners of the world without a decent drop of cow juice for the Rosy Lee is beyond me. And to even suggest we destroy our taste buds, our traditions, our dairy industry, our whole way of fucking life for some pie in the fucking sky muddled fucking thinking about carbon fucking footprints almost makes me lost for words.


UHT milk actually has quite a big share of the market compared with fresh milk. However, I would have thought that the energy required to make it Ultra Heat Treated might be pretty power hungry in itself. So, the milk would be stored unrefrigerated and would only require refrigeration once it's opened. It makes sense in a loopy kind of way but hardly worth the effort, I would have thought. The sad fact is that global warming has given civil servants carte blanche to interfere with every aspect of our lives. Remember how people use to say "It's for charity" and that made anything, however stupid, okay? Well now it's global warming. It's a bit like Eddie Izzard's famous sketch: "Cake or Death?" So now it's "Stone-age lifestyle or global warming?". The idiots can only conceptualize in extremes.

This ought to brighten up your day. You can watch the greenies drown as you drink your cuppa!

"The Global Warming Mug"


Love the site keep up the good work.


Ian Innes

Looks like your breakfast tea is safe: Defra denies UHT milk switch plan.

"The government is not and will not be telling people what kind of milk to drink, people need to make their own decisions."
Pretty relaxed of them, don't you think? Personally I use UHT all the time, partly for convenience and partly because I actually like it, but if they had issued advice, I would have switched to fresh, just to piss them off.

I bought some UHT milk once, and frankly it tasted like they'd accidentally milked a bull instead. I find myself utterly aghast at the way we're heading. Would anyone have believed the shit we put up with these days even 20 years ago?

What can be done? What can we do? Is it already too late to save civilisation?

I rather fear it is.

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