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Hazardous Drinkers Live Longer - Official

Hazardous drinking, the middle-class vice - Times Online

Drinkers in middle-class areas are more likely routinely to consume “hazardous” amounts of alcohol than those in poorer areas, research published today shows.

Social drinkers who regularly down more than one large glass of wine a day will be told they risk damaging their health in the same way as young binge drinkers.

The figures will be used by the Government to target middle-class wine drinkers and to make drunkenness as socially unacceptable as smoking.

Dawn Primarolo, the Public Health Minister, said: “Most of these are not young people, they are ‘everyday’ drinkers who have drunk too much for too long. This has to change.”

The Times gives us The 10 Local Authority Areas with the highest levels of hazardous drinking, as a percentage of adults aged 16 and the ten local authority areas with the lowest levels to which I have added life expectancy figures from the National Statistics Website

Runnymede 26.4 - 78.7
Harrogate 26.4 - 78.6
Surrey Heath 26.0 - 79.1
Guildford 25.5 - 79.4
Mid Sussex 25.5 - 78.6
Mole Valley 25.5 - 79.5
Leeds 25.3 - 76.2
Elmbridge 25.3 - 79.7
Waverley 25.2 - 78.9
Woking 25.0 - 79.2

Slough 16.2 - 77.3
Wolverhampton 16.2 - 75.1
Barking and Dagenham 16.1 - 75.3
Boston 16.0 - 75.7
Lewisham 16.0 - 75.1
Tower Hamlets 15.9 - 74.9
Hackney 15.7 - 75.1
Redbridge 15.3 - 77.5
Waltham Forest 15.3 - 75.4
Newham 14.1 - 74.9


Isn't it strange that the first hint of a health correlation like that which involves being able to tell people to stop doing something is proclaimed from the rooftops, but Prim Dawn spins it the other way.


Wine's bad for me?

Bollocks. Maybe I'll switch to Heroin instead - thanks to the Labour Government it's cheaper to buy than wine round here anyway.

Thanks, Labour!

“Most of these are not young people .... This has to change.”

Honestly, the youth of today! They can't even be relied upon to be drunken little scrotes anymore. Tsk tsk.

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