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Miliband - My Suffering!

David Miliband demands apology for Hitler jibe - Telegraph

The Foreign Secretary, who is the son of Jewish immigrants, reacted with horror..."Maybe I feel this particularly personally.." "We are all sensitive about it for quite good reason."..

Mr Miliband's father and grandfather both fled to England from Brussels to escape the advancing German army in May 1940. His mother stayed behind and joined his father after the war.

So he is playing the Jewish card is he? You can't insult me coz I'm Jewish and my people suffered. I note on his blog he is brown nosing the Muslims:

"I'm delighted to send you my very best wishes for the joyful occasion of Eid, a chance for us to recognise our common humanity, whether in Britain or around the world. I know that Eid represents a time of family, a time of community and a time of fellowship and it's very important that the 2 million British Muslims, along with Muslims around the world, know that the good wishes of people of all faiths and none are with them at this very, very important time. I know that in the Foreign Offrice (sic) we are determined to build links around the world that reflect our common humanity and reflect the fact that we're part of a global family. In that spirit, I am delighted to wish you Eid Mubarak." Prayer time of course continues but the fasting is nowover and the celebrations can now begin.

Forgets to mention how Jewish he feels when he bleeds when he is pricked.


David and Ed Miliband's late father Ralph was originally named Adolphe before escaping with his father Sam to England in 1940: a wise change of name at the time. Sam had lived in Warsaw but apparently joined the Red Army during the Polish-Soviet War of 1919-1921: a good reason to emigrate to Belgium. It would be interesting to know Sam and Ralph Miliband's attitude to the the Nazi-Soviet Pact of 1939 which set out the division of Poland and the Baltic States in its secret protocol and protected Germany's eastern border when Hitler attacked westwards in 1940 and overran Belgium. The murder squads went into Poland from the east and west soon after the occupation began in 1939. Despite Ralph Miliband's lifelong espousal of Marxism and New Leftism (to the extent of being buried in Highgate Cemetary), he had the wisdom and good fortune never to live in a Marxist or Nazi state but instead criticised the western capitalist system from the comfort of England, Canada and the US.

I agree with your assessment of the creep. Utter moron - Grade D in Physics A level and they put him in charge of Scientific policy making! He only managed to get a grade B on a resit, and so his Daddy pulled strings and got him into Oxford on a sick-note - thereby depriving a harder working and more talented kid of a seat on the board -
bunch of utter bastards

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