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MPs off

Scotsman.com News - Politics - MPs have run out of work to do... so it's time for an extra holiday

MPS are to get an extra week off at the end of this month - just weeks after coming back from their bumper three-month summer recess - because the government has run out of business.

Harriet Harman, the Commons leader, broke the good news to MPs yesterday, also outlining even more time away from Westminster for them over the coming year. MPs will spend one in three weeks out of Westminster - taking their time away from the Commons from 15 weeks to 18 weeks.

Matthew Elliott, chief executive of the Taxpayers' Alliance, said: "If MPs spent longer in the House there'd be less badly drafted legislation."

No, no, no - the more holidays the less legislation, which is a good thing, full stop. If they turned up once a year for a couple of days to tidy up then that would be plenty.

The row over holidays came as Richard Bacon, the Tory MP for South Norfolk, called for the Commons shooting range to be replaced with a swimming pool.

The very idea of Prescott, or Soames, or any of them in their Speedos is enough for my morning bacon and eggs to almost make a second farewell appearance, especially when it would mean the closure of a shooting gallery, which could be so useful one day....


Though I agree about the shooting gallery, a pool could offer plenty of options

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