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A great result - well worthwhile to prevent the morning papers featuring the crookedteethfalsesmilingcyclopianfuckingtraitorousscotchfuckingtraitorous
traitorousscotchmug alongside Jonny.


Yeah mate but did you notice how every England rugby player was polite but had the look of "why don't you fuck off brown bottle" on their faces? Gorodn the moron couldn't have licked arse more if he tried! What a fuckin' twat! I fell about laughing when the sth African players shook his hand. Most of them looked at him like "who the fuck are you?"
It was definitely a fuckin' try to. Typical Australian arsehole. Don't matter does it we humiliated Australia no matter what the result was today! Oh yeah while im at it the pathetic frog ref gave Sth Africa points to but it dont matter cos Engand humilated the frogs AGAIN! I mean, how can a team not win on their own turf? Must've been too many garlic fuckin' snails ah? Engerland were cheated out of the win...again! Like I said, it's the only way they can beat us! They certainly can't do it fair and square!

Well done to the boks (the only World Cup finalists yet to score a try in the final). Probably a game too far as we'd had to put out the Aussies and frogs on the way whereas the boks only had Fiji and the argies to overcome. They negated our forward strength, with a little help from Mr Rowland, who made some big calls, particularly with regard to obstruction, but also a couple of penalties at the break down could have gone either way and I reckon he missed a high tackle by Brian Habana on Paul Sackey. But the boks went through the tournament undefeated and are worthy champions. Our boys went from being a team we were embarrassed by after the 36-0 drubbing to a team who stood up and made us proud. Let's hope they take it on from here, a Six Nations Grand Slam would be nice.

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