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Trafalgar Day

A small chest at The Castle has these handles, "Sacr'd to Nelson - Trafalgar" - probably just a cheap souvenir 200 years ago but rather nice now.

As John Redwood says:

Today we mourn the deaths of 1663 brave seamen and soldiers who died fighting to preserve the freedom of our country against Napoleon’s imperialism 202 years ago.

Their deeds were heroic. 27 English ships of the line (including 3 small 64 gun vessels with no ship carrying more than 100 guns) engaged with 33 French and Spanish battle ships, including the three largest ships in the world in the coalition fleet (a 130 gun ship and two 115 gun ships). After a few hours action 19 enemy ships had been captured or destroyed by the English fleet. No English ship surrendered.

All in fucking vain now thanks to the traitorous bastards in power.


All in fucking vain now thanks to the traitorous bastards in power.

No! No! No! You're wrong mate. History is only forgetten if it isn't handed down! So hand it down mate. Nobody can stop people passing on history mate. Oral history is just as important as written history!
The bastards you talk of will never beat us mate. Never! I say this in the name of Hereward, King Alfred the great, Harold the second, Robin Hood the Norman killer, Edric the wild Englishman
and every other English warrior! Nelson was surely an English warrior!

I am sitting in my living room by the beach in New York, listening to the Mikado, sitting with my beagles, and I am brought to tears by the memory of Trafalgar and its hero, as well as your despair. Well, my 50th birthday was Oct 21, 2007, when you posted this, and with a last name like Harold, you should know where my sentiments abide. Things are indeed dark and getting darker.
Before, however, you retire into despair, let me remind you of all the times in history when all seemed lost. Sir Winston said, Nil Desperandum! For when the shit hits the fan, the weenies will run from the building and leave the men's work to others, as they ever have. So, chin up! The fan is blowing like hell, and I smell a distinctly rank smell approaching.
John Harold
Mastic Beach, NY

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