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New research doubts Keeling's CO2 measurement

New CO2 evidence means climate change predictions are 'too optimistic' - Times Online
Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are increasing much faster and will be harder to control than scientists have predicted, a study has found.

An international team of researchers has found that, since 2000, the rate at which CO2 has been pumped into the atmosphere is 35 per cent greater than most climate change models have allowed for.Recent research has also noticed a reduction in the ability of the oceans and the land to absorb carbon.

The problem with the seas was identified this year in the Southern Ocean, where winds driven by climate change are bringing carbon-saturated waters to the surface, which are unable to absorb any more carbon.

The conclusions have serious implications for forecasts of how much and how quickly the world’s temperature will rise and mean that global warming will be harder and more expensive to control than feared. The results also mean that international efforts to bring CO2 emissions under control will need to be more far-reaching.

Professor Nicholas Owens, of the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), said that the findings were so worrying that they made previous widely accepted forecasts of climate change seem unduly optimistic......

So all that extra CO2 - what has it done to the temperature since 2000?

NCDC: Global Long-term Mean Land and Sea Surface Temperatures

Estimates of mean monthly global surface temperatures with respect to the 20th century average (1901-2000).

Yup - Bugger all.

And this research shows "Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are increasing much faster.."
but dear old Keeling, the daddy of CO2 measurements, doesn't seem to show this - go and look at the data and graphics here

So what is going on? Is Keeling and the whole CO2 measurement network wrong? And why won't the bloody temperature behave itself and follow the script?



Let's say it again, and this time, children, listen carefully.

Temperature increase CAUSES CO2 levels to increase, NOT the other way around.

The increased CO2 is probably due to all the warming that's taken place since the end of the Little Ice Age.

There has been substantially NO warming since about 1998, but CO2 continues to increase because it's a RESULT of the warming.

If you look closely at Al Gore's charts, this is shown quite clearly in every past warming, even while he himself stands in front of the presentation saying something quite different.

But then, he's not a scientist.

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