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Doomed, we are all doomed

Scotsman.com News - Latest News - Global warming could wipe out most species

Rising temperatures could wipe out more than half of the earth's species in the next few centuries, according to researchers who published a study on Wednesday linking climate change to past mass extinctions.

... The upper end of the IPCC forecast rise would heat the earth close to the temperatures of 250 million years ago, when 95 percent of all animal and plant species became extinct, Mayhew said.

Some of the past mass extinctions happened over a brief few hundred years, providing evidence that present day rapid temperature rises could have the same impact, Mayhew said.

"It does give us an idea of what to expect in the near future," he said. "There is nothing that says it couldn't happen in a short timescale."

So these rapid rises in the past, what caused them?


"So these rapid rises in the past, what caused them?"

At that stage, no country had signed the Kyoto Protocol.

Dinosaurs driving SUV's of course, silly.

'Short timescale' in these sort of studies means a couple of million years or so. In three or four hundred years, if we don't want the global climate to do something, we'll just tell it not to, and give it a bloody good clip round the ear if it gives us any back-talk.

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