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A Doctor Writes

Drinking up -Times Online

Sir, Many Times readers will have enjoyed their weekend all the more as a result of the allegation that safe limits for drinking, developed in 1987, have “no firm scientific basis whatsoever” (report, Oct 20).

However, this is far from the case. Twenty years ago we knew that there is wide individual variation in sensitivity to alcohol, probably largely genetically determined. In the future we may be able to quantify an individual’s risk of cirrhosis, suicide or alcohol dependence from his or her genes, but until then the only way to avoid harm reliably is to stick to these clear and still valid limits.

Many drinking hazardously, up to about 2.5 times the safe limits, will escape damage but some won’t. ...

Professor Ian Gilmore
President, Royal College of Physicians

So the guidelines were "Fake But Accurate"... but don't worry because we are going to genetically profile you and then really be able to tell you what to do...


Remember my lesson of the other day.

Don't engage, don't debate, don't legitimise this bullshit by discussing it, just tell them politely but very firmly, that you are not even remotely interested in their views because it's absolutely none of their business whatsoever.

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