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A Diplomat Writes

A vote to stay in -Times Online

...the Tories taunt the Prime Minister with the accusation that his reason for refusing a referendum is his fear of losing it.

In fact, that’s one, although not the only, perfectly rational and honourable reason for not holding a referendum. Not only the Tories but much of the Europhobic press would exploit the worst kinds of anti-European xenophobic prejudice to secure a “no” vote, not out of any genuine opposition to specific provisions of a treaty whose main purposes you yourself admit are necessary after EU expansion, but in the unacknowledged hope of bringing about Britain’s eventual exit from the EU...

But for the UK, probably alone of all EU member states, to reject a treaty regarded by every single EU government as sound and necessary would make us the pariahs of the union, and may well result in our expulsion from it, an outcome that only a minority of the electorate seems to want.

Brian Barder
HM Diplomatic Service, 1965-94

Remind me again whose interests HM Diplomatic Service represents because it sure as hell doesn't seem to stand up for the democratic desires of the people of Britain, or I venture to guess Her Majesty.


Just a couple of points on Mr Barder's letter:

One - the British people's attitude to the eu appears xenophobic largely because the euphiles refuse to provoide the sort of cost-benefit analysis of why being a member is good. Without concrete evidence one way or the other how else can people react?

Two - I note Mr Barder says "every single eu government" regards the treaty as a good thing. What about the people of the eu those governments claim to represent. The Spaniards did approve of the old constitution, but the French and Dutch certainly didn't.

Perhaps it's time for Mr Barder to find a good reference book and re-learn exactly who holds the power in a democracy.

Barder is a true representative of the elite who really rule us. We know what is best for you (and ourselves), and how dare all those oiks (esp those outside M25) attempt to express a democratic will.

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