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This Green and Crowded Land - It's an England only problem

Record immigration sees UK population soar - Telegraph

Statisticians said at least 70 per cent of the population rise over the next 20 years will be attributable directly to immigration.

The rest will be babies born to British mothers - many of whom are second-generation immigrants

The ONS report says:

...the UK population will increase from an
estimated 60.6 million in 2006, to 65 million in 2016, passing 70
million in 2028, to reach 71 million by 2031.
The population of England is projected to increase by 8 per cent
by 2016, that of Northern Ireland by 7 per cent and Wales by 5
per cent. The projected increase for Scotland, where fertility and
life expectancy levels are assumed to remain lower than in the
rest of the UK, is 3 per cent.

But the graph accompanying the story doesn't seem to show that,


The total rise seems to mirror the England rise with the other countries flat lining; so I dug into the figures:

Data Source - GAD - Government Actuary's Department - Demography Data - Population (Note x scale not linear )

The projected rise in the population isn't a UK problem/opportunity, it isn't a British one - it only affects England. So what is going on with the story? Why is every MSM outlet leading with it being a Brownian British story? Why does the press release seem to differ from the figures? Why is England the word that dare not speak it's name.....


It's a disaster

You'd almost think there was no England. Except when English sporting people are doing well, of course. But then they are claimed as British by the grinning windbag in number 10. Why was he on the pitch at the Stade de France even though Princess Anne was there representing Her Majesty?

Anyway, perhaps there is something about Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland that immigrants do not like. Or maybe something Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland do not like about immigrants... Very proud of their national identity, and encouraged to be. Unlike the English.

Scotland is quite safe.
Despite the attractions of Free Prescriptions and Free University Education the Language Barrier will hold firm.

I think that you should report to John Brignals office at the end of playtime, as you are guilty of breaking two rules of his chartmenship! Suppression of zero and change in aspect ratio (subsection ii) changing aspect ratio within axis.

Time to be nice about Scotland, Englishman. You may soon have to request asylum there.

Thank you for pointing out that this problem primarily affects England.

The most depressing of statistics - the prospect of million unit housing estates, new infrastructure, etc, etc spread across the length and breadth of England frankly appalls me. I simply do not understand why we feel the need to bring in ever more people when we have an estimated 8 million of our own people sitting on their collective no job arses.

I don't know what this country of England - and the south of England in particular is going to look like in 100 years time, already, we are the 4th most crowded country in the world - and the quality of life, the pushing and shoving, pressure on space and services, shortages of power etc is almost in complete meltdown.

When is any of our politicians going to bite a bullet and declare that quality of life is going to take precedence over the expansion of our service based, south sea bubble of an economy? Already, we are being given the spin that we need these people because of ageing population - that excuse was used 10 years ago to justify the first big intake. But people are being asked to work well into their seventies now so they won't be collecting pensions, so what are they talking about?.

I'm appalled at the way Brown is allowed to rewrite geography when talking about what is happening to 'the country' - and by the complete lack of accountability that Cameron and co always fail to demand of him. It's a cosy cartel of 'say nothing too controversial' politics, and the bloody lot of them should be ashamed of their lack of backbone.

It is interesting to note that according to the U.N. the most desirable country to live in is Norway - a country with a stable population of less than 5 million, a fantastic standard of living and an abundance of carefully managed natural resources. They are also content with their place in the world, are not members of the EU and have a rich and ancient culture - jealously guarded by a responsible and responsive political structure.

How I envy them.

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