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The FibDims on that Treaty...

ALDE Group in the European Parliament : IGC: A complex Treaty that rekindles hope for European integration

Andrew DUFF (UK, LibDem), one of Parliament's three representatives throughout the intergovernmental negotiations and present at the Lisbon summit said that "for 26 countries this Treaty is a great step forward together towards European unity equal in historical importance to Maastricht.

In one country, this is not so. The British still seem intimidated by the success of the European Union, and have sought in the IGC to reduce the scope and force of common policies in the area of fundamental rights, freedom, security and justice and in common foreign, security and defence policies. Why this strategy of non-cooperation is thought to serve the interests of the British people is not entirely clear. Let it be as short-lived as possible", Mr Duff concluded.

There's a gate on the river down near Tower Bridge for scum like him...


Dear Mr Castle,

It is crucial to remember that for the likes of Mr 'Duff' the EU represents not just their (lucrative) likelihoods but an all-encompassing higher order that only the BIGGEST brains can properly appreciate. The likes of you and I, snivelling about democracy and other obvious irrelevancies, are much like pig-dwelling Anglo-Saxon peasants clustered at the foot of a Norman castle: inferior, unimportant and irrelevant.

It is essential that we accept our servile status. We must acknowledge that our role is to do no more than make up the numbers. We must learn never to complain when we are swotted aside. We must be GRATEFUL for such higher-thinking rulers!

All the more reason, in other words, why small – in some cases not so small – nuclear devices are unappologetically shoved up Duff's arse and those of his co-conspirators in order to reduce them all to less than tiny heaps of dust.

What will then be left of his bigger brain can then be ceremoniously shat upon.

Sounds reasonable to me.

You agree?

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