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Brown Rubbishes Miliband's Rubbish Tax

Government scraps tax on rubbish | Environment | Guardian Unlimited
The government has postponed plans to introduce controversial "pay as you throw" charges for rubbish, according to reports today.

The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) had been expected to unveil the charges this week.

Defra had prepared a document stating it would take steps to enable councils to charge people for collecting their rubbish as an incentive for recycling, but Downing Street had "poured cold water" on the plan, according to the BBC.

The plan to allow councils to penalise householders who do not recycle - and reward those who do - were backed by a majority of local authorities and waste management companies, according to a government consultation published today.

The Conservatives claimed the findings, published without fanfare on the Defra website, had been "slipped out" by the government to "bury bad news".

"Local authorities and waste management companies", of course they were in favour, who gets to run the charging scheme and get all the lovely cash for doing so! But has the idea been killed or merely going to be represented under a different guise when our guard is down?


Clearly to be re-presented to throw the jackals off the trail.

However, plans for "pay as you throw" for drunks and people with food poisoning remain on track.

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