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Freedom for Health

Why accountants live longer than builders - Telegraph

Karen Jochelson, a research fellow, said: "Those who have a lower life expectancy have it because of a range of factors.

"But the nature of people's jobs also has an effect. If you have autonomy and control over what you do, you tend to be in better health.

As other studies have also shown it is not just the job you are in, it is your whole way of life - being told what to do, being forced to do things, being unable to choose not only gives you poor health it kills you, to use the tabloid expression.
Far more than any amount of salt, lack of cycling, pesticides in meat being bullied and coerced is damaging to health. Being spied on, niggled at, harassed by agents of the State ruins you. Not just the Health and Safety fascists but the whole damn lot of them are bad for you.


So the finger wagging 'Nanny state' is actually worse for you healthwise than a daily fry-up breakfast, fish and chips, twenty Rothmans, two large single malts and five pints.

I have long suspected this.

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