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Piste Off Climate Change

Snows return to Austria's 'doomed' ski resorts - Telegraph

The naked slopes that plagued Europe's alpine resorts last year appeared to sound the death knell for many of them. But, a year on, the picture could not be more different.

Skiers were this weekend gearing up for a bumper season after slopes began to open more than six weeks before the official start to the season.

Pistes in Austria boasted pristine conditions after early falls and low temperatures left resorts blanketed with snow.

A report by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development released last December warned that climate change could make family ski holidays a thing of the past within two decades.


There's that old saying: "everyone complains about the weather, but no-one does anything about it." How typical of the Leftists to arrogate to themselves even that last unclaimed competency. Variable snowfall in the Alps has been an issue for decades; it does not require a Holmesian level of deductive power to guess why this particular bandwagon is suddeny heavier to the tune of a few passengers.

Please stop using the term climate change, when you can use global warming because it upsets my standing as a global warming denier. What will 2007 be the 105th warmest year on record? but yet again a year of climate change like every year since the big bang.

Climate change/global warming could well cause the family skiing holiday to be a thing of the past, or at least belief that humans can change the climate/reduce temperatures. The snow will be sitting there waiting for skiing type people, but they will be at home, unable to fly because of restrictions on flying, unable to drive because they cannot afford to waste petrol coupons on holidays, and unable to afford it due to having lost their jobs as measures to cut CO2 emissions cause the global economy into freefall.

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