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Eat your greens

Eat your words, all who scoff at organic food - Times Online
one conclusion is clear: organically produced crops and dairy milk usually contain more “beneficial compounds” - such as vitamins and antioxidants believed to help to combat disease.
"We have a general trend in the data that says there are more good things in organic food,”
...up to 40% more beneficial compounds in vegetable crops and up to 90% more in milk..
...the results show significant variations, with some conventional crops having larger quantities of some vitamins than organic crops. But researchers confirm that the overall trend is that organic fruit, vegetables and milk are more likely to have beneficial compounds...

So not quite as clearcut as the headline suggests - seems to be a lot of weasel words in the report of the report... I'm quite happy to believe that slow grown stuff has more goodness and flavour than forcefed veg pumped up with water, But that isn't what the campaigners are claiming...


Strange, the bullshit alarm I carry everywhere (along with my tiger-repellent rock) just went off.

I almost always agree with what you say.-But having been a keen gardener for nearly 70 years-since Dig for Victory days- There are many crops (not all I agree) that need to be grown fast in the most fertile soil you can achieve.
This organic fad is based on superstition not science.My dad used to water his vegetable crops with dilute Jeyes Fluid for outstanding results.Unfortunately (EU again) JF does not contain carbolic acid (phenol) these

The problem is not what you put on the crops, it is getting people to eat fresh food. Everything is 'organic' just some is more organic than others. People watch all these cookery programs for entertainment not to learn how to prepare nutritious well balanced meals. I live on Gold top milk which is only 5% fat yet various idiots say normal supermarket pasteurised is to fatty. Crap. Whole milk is good for you. Come the day soon where everyone is driving around on bio-diesel and going home to an empty fridge!!!

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