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Jackie Stewart runs down his ‘workshy’ fellow Scots - Times Online
SIR Jackie Stewart, the former motor-racing world champion, has accused his fellow Scots of being lazy and overdependent on public sector “jobs for life”.

“I think social services are too prolific. If you have a job in government you’re not going to be sacked. You have a job for life. You don’t have to work too hard and you don’t have to present yourself well because it is not competitive.”

The 68-year-old’s comments have reignited the debate provoked by Kelvin MacKenzie, the former editor of The Sun, who claimed Scotland was a nation of subsidy junkies.

As a panellist on the BBC’s Question Time programme earlier this month, MacKenzie, whose grandfather was born in Stirling and was allegedly a Highland Games champion, accused Scots of living off wealth created in the southeast of England.

“Scotland believes not in entrepreneurialism, like in London and the southeast. The reality is that the Scots enjoy spending it, they don’t enjoy creating it, which is the opposite of down in the south,” he said.

MacKenzie, who is being investigated by police for allegedly inciting racial hatred, said he was delighted a prominent Scot had now endorsed his comments. “The Scots may not want to take notice of someone like me but I hope they take notice of someone like Sir Jackie,” he said.

“When their own countrymen and someone who has made a success of their life starts making these statements then maybe Scots should think a bit more rather than hitting out. I am not anti-Scot but I am anti the fact we are subsidising a part of the country that should be able to look after itself.”

It should be a matter of pride for the Scotch that they stand on their own two feet, and seen to be doing so.


I notice the curranty-eyed dwarf waited until his Scottish book-signing tour was over
before he made these comments. Stewart also said: *In things like the service sector which is absolutely vital for tourism, I’m served by South Africans, Australians, New Zealanders and Polish people who are really working hard.* So where does he think most of these immigrants work, in Scotland? Who cleans his hotel room in London. chirpy Cockneys? Who washes the dishes in his favourite restaurant, bouncy Brums? Who, in fact are the people doing the shite jobs down in the wonderful wealth-creating south? Tosser!

Stick to shooting skeets rather than your mouth off, you beady-eyed midget.

And your point is, Mike? It doesn't alter the simple fact that the South-East of England (peace be upon them) is the place where the majority of the UK's wealth is generated, which is then used to fund the snout in the trough jocks and taffies. There are south-easteners (although not the sainted people from Surrey) who have their snouts in the trough, but that is still where the money is made and if they didn't have to subsidise those from elsewhere in the UK they'd be able to rival the Bahamas as a tax haven.

My point is that just because foreigners are over here cleaning up behind people like Stewart doesn't make the rest of us workshy and if it did then it would seem like there are just as many in England. Stewart wasn't even talking about the financial settlement he was talking about lazy Scots not being prepared to work in the service industry in the way he did when he was a young petrol pump attendant (a fact that he never misses an opportunity to remind us about).

The answer to the perennial whinge about poncing jocks is independence for Scotland. Not something Brown will be pushing for any time soon because it will spell the end of Labour government in these isles. But don't worry, one way or another independence will happen eventually and the home counties crowd can shift the target of their moaning to Liverpool, Newcastle, Bolton, Grimsby etc. :)

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