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Greens trump Brown

Bin tax muddle leaves green policy in disarray - Telegraph

Gordon Brown's green policies were thrown into confusion yesterday after ministers confirmed that they would be pushing ahead with pilot schemes for controversial new "pay-as-you-throw" bin taxes.

The Prime Minister had been anxious to distance himself from what he saw as unpopular "waste taxes" – which could cost typical households £250 a year – and No 10 claimed last night that plans for new schemes would not be rolled out across the country.

But Hilary Benn, the Environment Secretary, announced that powers to set up pilot schemes for charging households who put out more waste would be included in the Climate Change Bill, sparking allegations of Cabinet disarray on the issue.

The U-turn was the latest sign of Mr Brown's fear of introducing new green taxes that are seen as disastrous electorally but are being heavily promoted within Whitehall as essential to any programme to mulct the people of every last penny they can avert climate change.

We don't care if Gordon loses - coz we get to save the world (and our salaries...)

Ruth Kelly, the Transport Secretary, will announce plans for households to get "personal travel plans" aimed at cutting the amount of carbon dioxide they produced.

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