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The case for a one way ticket

Serial sex offender ‘can stay because deportation would breach his rights’ - Times Online
A serial sex offender is to be allowed to stay in Britain because deporting him to his native Sierre Leone would breach his human right to a family life, an immigration appeal court has ruled.

The Home Office wanted to deport Mohammed Kendeh, who has been assessed as having a “high risk of reoffending”, to his home country.
Kendeh, 20, who has admitted assaulting 11 women in the past five years and has committed other offences including robbery, burglary and drug crimes, is currently on remand in prison awaiting trial for robbery.

And what of the human rights of his future victims?


"And what of the human rights of his future victims?"

That might be an argument for keeping him in prison, but it's not an argument for deporting him: *if* he has a next victim, it doesn't make a blind bit of difference to anyone's human rights whether that victim is British or Sierra Leone-ian...

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