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And the name is....

Charge anyone naming Royal ‘victim’, says accused’s lawyer - Times Online
British authorities could have powers to act against foreign-based broadcasters and websites and issue a European arrest warrant. They could be liable for breaching an English court order guaranteeing anonymity to the blackmail victim and witnesses if their speculation reached Britain.

As anyone with a passing interest and access to Google has already seen the name, and if bothered followed links of the name to previous "scandals", thereby in their minds constructing a complete fictional seedy network, it is all a bit late. Because we now know that X & Y knew Z who was "often accompanied" by F, who slept with G to H's disgust, and so on, the rumour mill is working overtime. It is unfair and nasty but inevitable. There was no way that secrecy was ever going to be maintained. In the Internet age these cases need to be handled differently, I can see no other way except victims being open, and public. and publicising their "victim hell", and claiming sympathy, rather than unfairly being smeared with suspicion because they claim the cloak of privacy. Either that or they call the palace and ask Philip to organise a taxi for their blackmailers....


As you so correctly point out, in cases such as this, Google is your friend.

The thing that has amused me most about this whole thing is that to date, nobody has said the the minor Royal concerned, didnt so it.

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