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Lamarckian Logic for the Health Police

Science: Grandfather made me what I am - Telegraph
When we think about inheritance, what usually comes to mind is the way our DNA carries information, with parents' genes affecting things like their children's eye colour, height, and intelligence....But, in fact, your life has been directly influenced not just by the genes but by the experiences of your grandparents - what they ate and what they did.
This could mean that your health was partly determined before you were born, even before your parents were born, according to the science of epigenetics....
Marcus Pembrey, a professor of clinical genetics at the Institute of Child Health in London, ..looked at evidence from the Avon Longitudinal Study, (which) showed that factors such as smoking may have an effect across generations...

...importantly, Prof Pembrey's research allows us an insight into coming generations: a major cause for concern, given that stories about binge drinkers, obesity and younger smokers are never far from the headlines.

"We are all guardians of our genome," says Prof Pembrey. "The way people live and their lifestyle no longer just affects them, but may have a knock-on effect for their children and grandchildren."

It is not just for your health but "for the kiddies" tm and " for the kiddies' kids" tm that we are going to stop you eating, drinking and doing what you want to, how could you be so cruel to doubt this evidence.


Lamarkianism indeed. Science is on its last legs, no doubt about it.

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