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It's not fun to be a kid on Halloween

Just a Girl in short shorts talking about whatever: Halloween in Fear Nation
It seems this year we don’t have to worry about razor blades and needles in the candy. This problem used to cause parental hysteria. Concerned public officials would appear around the boo season and demonstrate on TV how easy it would be to slip these items into Halloween treats. Of course, there is no documented record of this ever happening. But it was a pretty safe way for some politicians to get some mileage. Never mind that you are taking away a bit of some kids’ Halloween fun.

This year’s big deal is sex offenders. Now before you start e-mailing me—I favor, at the very least, sex offenders be castrated with a rusty knife. But, I also resent having to live in Fear Nation—and I don’t like politicians scaring kids.

And if that isn't enough...

Junkfood Science: Happy Trick-or-Treating!
Predictably, the alarm bells began weeks ago, as sugar-fearing writers began advising parents to “just say no to Halloween candy” and for everyone else to play a trick on the kids that come to their doors.

The “healthy Halloween” movement has been warning that Halloween is no excuse for allowing an indulgence and that anything with sugar would send blood sugars soaring and contribute to child obesity. Instead, they’ve been recommending everyone give kids things like sunflower seeds, cheese, bottles of water (“trick or treaters need to stay hydrated”), glow-in-dark insects, stickers, pencils, key chains, pens, whistles, notebooks, pencils and crayons.

These are adults who have definitely forgotten what it’s like to be a kid. While a bottle of water may not get quite the same reaction as Charlie Brown who got a rock at each house in the 1966 Great Pumpkin Halloween special, the let down may feel pretty close to kids who’ve looked forward to their candy hauls all year.

Spoilsports the whole bloody lot of them. Here at The Castle we have no truck with such attitudes, the florins are warming on the hotplate ready to be red hot when handed out and the raw brussel sprouts have been dipped in chocolate and almond flakes, and wrapped in Ferrero Rocher papers - how we will laugh tonight....


Since when has 'Trick or Treat'(give me sweets or I`ll damage something) been a British tradition? It`s imported crap from America. How many pensioners give out sweets, which they can`t afford on their state pension, out of fear.

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