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Enjoy your bacon sarnie this morning with a clear conscience

Red meat and alcohol are major cancer causes - Telegraph

Millions of people are at risk of getting cancer unless they slash levels of alcohol and red meat in their diets, medical experts have warned in a landmark study.....

I have actually downloaded the report , all 537 pages of it. It is a vast data dredge. I have failed to spot any Relative Risks which approach 2 - (an increase of 100%) - In epidemiologic research, [increases in risk of less than 100 percent] are considered small and are usually difficult to interpret. Such increases may be due to chance, statistical bias, or the effects of confounding factors that are sometimes not evident. [Source: National Cancer Institute, Press Release, October 26, 1994.]

Of course if we want to really save "10,000 deaths a year from cancer" according to a report four years ago by Professor Karol Sikora we just have to improve our healthcare to the European average for cancer treatment. That is 10,000 that die because of the NHS and the unique way it is run. And as he says in response to this report;

THE World Cancer Research Fund has dramatised the "bullet points" and has exaggerated the risk by saying, for example, don't eat bacon and processed meat. Small amounts of these won't do you any harm - it's only harmful when you eat a lot of fat, with no fibre, no fruit and no vegetables.

It is true that people who eat a lot of meat and fatty meat - the sausage-and-chips culture - eat less fruit and vegetables and that is probably why they have a higher risk of cancer. It's not the meat itself that is doing it.

There is nothing new from this report and it has created an awful lot of stress amongst people, and cancer patients now feel that if they'd only eaten more sensibly in their lives they wouldn't be in the situation they're in.

Yesterday in my clinic I had patients asking exactly that and it is not really very helpful. A third of all cancers are dietary related but the message is very complicated. We've all got to eat and it's a matter of balancing foods that are good for you, such as fruit and vegetables, and the foods that may be bad.

This report is scaremongering without really any data whatsoever and that upsets people. It is not going to change people's lifestyles. It will make people worry unnecessarily. ..


Absolutely. One hopes John Brignell is well enough to wade into this, I'd love to read his opinion.

I quite fail to see how anybody's 'conscience' is engaged in this argument. If I eat all the wrong foods, drink to much and take no exercise, I might croak earlier that otherwise. That's nobody's business but my own. Contrary to the lies of the Health Fanatics, I will cost the NHS less if I do this. I should be entitled to a tax rebate...


It is a fallacy that you consume less medical care just because you die earlier. Those dying younger often do so because of chronic conditions which have to be treated for many years beforehand. Those dying older typically consume less medical care.

The answer is to make people aware of how the risk ratio works.

This in itself would remove 95% of the rubbish we are presented as scientific studies - which would reduce the stress of the whole nation in a stroke!

JonT - there already is a tax rebate in the system for you. Dead people pay no tax, and so you would pay less tax than someone who was healthier and lived longer!

A Wiltshire Farmer indeed. Not much of a future left for you then.
Half-arsed Politicians at Westminster have handed over the "Best, the most Productive and the most Profitable Farming Industry the world has seen. For its size", handed over lock stock and barrel to the Idiots of Brussels. Still, you could get a good crop of Houses on those fields. And with Building, you don't need winter land drainage.
What I can't understand, is why, like the BAA, Chinese and Middle East owned, registered as a Spanish Company and just about All Profits taken out of the country, Free of Taxation. You could do that if you registered as a holding Company and your Operating Division was based Off-Shore.
If you put your mind to it, before long you would see that, with a simple change of Practice, the Employer and Employee could Legally Avoid all Direct Taxation. Just a simple Manoeuvre. Regards, ATFlynn. (By the way, I came upon your site from a link on the TPA. Website)

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