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Small Dicks

Public outrage leads to first fall in number of speed-camera fines - Times Online

The number of drivers caught by speed cameras has fallen for the first time, according to government figures which reveal that widespread complaints about excessive enforcement have finally forced a retreat by police and local authorities.

The Australian approach has a bit more subtlety ...

But even that can cause problems....

When a woman wiggled her finger at Simon Jardak as he drove along a road in Sydney three months ago, he saw red.

Instead of shame-facedly taking his foot off the pedal and slowing to a sedate pace, he hurled a bottle at the woman through the window of his car.

"She started doing that hand gesture, you know, the RTA one," Mr Jardak told a Sydney court.

"And it offended me… because of, you know, she implied I had a small penis."

Yep, sounds like it works then....

(I have found it also works whenever I see a politician or campaigner lecturing me on how to live - they are just compensating for having small dicks. (True story - I know a blustering ex-army officer who likes ordering people about - a girl once told me she wasn't sure if he had made love to her or not as it was "so small she couldn't feel a thing". I have job keeping a straight face whenever I meet him.... )


But fair's fair though - hurling a bottle at a pratty woman is only right.

Feminism has taught us that women are strong and independent. Large and in charge. Equal to men in all ways. In other words, they are men. Treat them as such. If a women start a fight, ring her bell, just like a man.

It's all about the ideology of equality.

I read that a woman "done" by Robert Maxwell , when asked what it was like, said "Like being fallen on by a very large wardrobe, with a very small key in the lock".

Alan Douglas

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