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Scotsman.com News - UK - Injured soldier's father hits out at 'immoral' MoD offer

THE father of the youngest soldier seriously injured in Iraq yesterday said the Ministry of Defence had added "a degrading insult to injury" by offering his family £57,000 compensation.

Jamie Cooper, now 19, was warned he could face a lifetime in a wheelchair after shrapnel sliced through his stomach during a mortar attack in Basra last November.

He has since suffered further setbacks after catching a series of infections at Birmingham's Selly Oak Hospital.


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War is hugely expensive because each maimed boy needs a lifetime of care and treatment. It's one of the most wasteful occupations of all. This government is shameful in its cavalier attitude to service men and women.

Silly old him, joining the army. You risk getting shot at and maimed for doing old-fashioned things like upholding right and decency and protecting the defenceless and all the other things that have no place in NuLabour Britain.

If only he'd been a council worker with 'stress' or 'repetitive strain injury'! Now then he'd be worthy of seriously huge settlement.

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