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We know where you have been - reminder

Mobile networks: the state's new bloodhounds? | The Register

Network operators are bound by the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA), which requires them to store not only the details of every call you make and receive, but also where you were at the time. They keep this information for 12 months and make it available to the authorities on demand.

Do you really want to carry that 'phone with you all the time?


That's why I have two unregistered PAYG mobiles.

Do they know where I am when my phone is off?

They have to not transmit when they are off to keep the airlines happy, so turning off should be like a cloak of invisibility.

Evidently, MrsBud has been onto this for sometime, the majority of times I try to phone her on her mobile I hear her phone ring somewhere else in the house. "No, officer, I was home the whole time, check my mobile phone records if you don't believe me." After all, if MrsBud was doing something nefarious, like being a cat burgler to stretch the housekeeping, she'd hardly want the phone going off as she's creeping upstairs with me on the end saying "don't forget to bring home a tin of peas."

Did I say tin of peas? I meant fresh, organic peas with a low carbon footprint.

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