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The Queen's Speech

Gordon Brown to launch house-building boom - Telegraph

Local communities trying to block the plans will be warned that they will be "letting down" future generations by opposing development.

Don't you hate that pathetic teacher talk - Tracy, you have not just let yourself down, but you have let the school down, your mum down, your granny down... Tracy, now that isn't a very nice gesture to make is it....

Ministers will also announce a new Immigration Bill, drawn up in the past few weeks

in other words hasty measures cribbed from the Tories, which will then not work.

demand a doubling of the time suspects can be held without charge from 28 days to 56 days.

Let's keep increasing this, just because we can.

The speech could also usher in new rules for the funding of political parties in the wake of the cash-for-peerages scandal.

Despite the collapse last week of cross-party talks on financial reform, Mr Brown remains keen to reduce the main parties' dependence on wealthy donors. That could mean all parties getting millions of pounds more in taxpayers' money.

Many Labour MPs are also urging a change in the law to stop Lord Ashcroft,

Funny how wealthy donors no longer open their cheque books to Lord Levy, wonder why. And of course the big one

Climate Change Bill

Will propose putting legally-binding targets on government ministers to reduce Britain's CO2 emissions.

Of course no government can bind another, and if the Minister fail to reach the target will they be publicly dragged down Whitehall to the block - of course no, it is just a sound bite.


Build homes for immigrants in Scotland

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