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Really Greenery

Climate change is like 'World War Three' - Telegraph

The battle to deal with climate change needs to be fought like "World War Three", the head of the Environment Agency has warned.

"This is World War Three - this is the biggest challenge to face the globe for many, many years. We need the sorts of concerted, fast, integrated and above all huge efforts that went into many actions in times of war.

"We're dealing with this as if it is peacetime, but the time for peace on climate change is gone - we need to be seeing this as a crisis and emergency," she said. The Environment Secretary also called on individuals to take "small steps" such as changing their lightbulbs and walking more.

Yes that is how we defeated the Hun, changed our lightbulbs.

Wartime emergencies justify wartime measures, which is why Governments love them. Ask yourself one question, how have you or your family suffered so far from climate change? Can you name one thing?

This is where I live - it is a 360 photo from the hill above my house, can you spot it?

Of course I'm an environmentalist, of course I care about the environment. If I see you dropping litter then you better be well lubed up as I will insert it back into you; nail something to a tree and you will believe that Easter has come early as you do your Jesus on Calvary impression; and poison my children with your pollution? You better like the taste of the hospital food you can be fed through a straw.

But I will not be beaten back to the stone age on the unscientific guesses of a bunch of half wits. They lost when they preached International Socialism, let's make sure they lose again under their new disguise.


Where are the hedge rows?

What have you done to the english countryside?

TE- these are the "Chalk" downlands of Wiltshire, there is no surface water so they were never enclosed for livestock by hedges as were the "Cheese" areas. Their openess is an ancient landscape. (But I have planted over two miles of hedges on the land at the bottom>)

We need another Warden Hodges, this time he'll have ACCP (Anti-Climate Change Precautions) on his helmet but he'll still be screaming "put that ruddy light out."

I do not understand why the "ex-Torygraph" is jumping on the bandwagon. Surely it should be more open to argument. We are on a small insignificant planet and count for little, climate is a major natural thing largely chaotic, how the hell are we going to do anything about that?

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