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The Enslavement of the English

Educational Conscription

In addition to my diatribe yesterday on educational conscription, something has just occured to me - this law will apply only in England. Only English children will have to stay in school until 18. Only English children will be deprived of their liberties and their freedom.

As such, when this law comes before Parliament, not one MP for a Scottish or Welsh constituency had better vote. This does not apply in their constituencies, so I do not want to see them force two years of extra schooling onto English children but not those in Scotland and Wales.

That they even could do it illustrates the issues with our current devolution system.


Do you really think it's about educating the young?

I rather thought it was a way of forcing down youth unemployment figures, which are (of course) an embarrassment for the Westminster political party most favoured by those in regions not affected by such proposed legislation.

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Well, it's lots of things. Lefties have this profound belief in "education" as an ideal, not in terms of people actually learning stuff, but in terms of just doing it so you've done it, a bit like the Olympics. It's the taking part. There's an inherent belief that the more "education" a person has the better the person is. It doesn't matter what they end up knowing, it's the doing that counts. Part of this is because they all went to Uni and had a ripping time, and can't comprehend why anyone would feel differently. Effectively it's a kind of class conceit. "Everyone should be like us and everyone should want to be like us".

Plus it's another two years of trying to indoctrinate them with "the liberal consensus". Plus, the darker side of things is the creation of a "diploma society" in which you aren't allowed to do anything you don't have a diploma/certificate for. The people we're dealing with here are very rules-orientated; again, due to their participation in "the liberal consensus" and as such imagine the best society is one in which you can't operate a stapler unless you've been on a stapler-operation course. That's how you do everything in their world. You go on a course. Going to have a child? Go on a course. Want a different job? Go on a course. Want to run an under-11s football team in your spare evenings? Go on a course.

And so on.

They're really very dull, unimaginative, cautious people. They're scared to do anything unless they've been on a course; except run the country of course, which doesn't apparently require any "education" in the subject whatsoever.

They figure that for some nebulous reason, the country will be much better when everybody's been on a course. Indeed, ideally we'd all be permanently on a course and even better go on a course about how to go on a course.

That's their worldview. The strangest tyrants ever.

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