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Tonight I have mainly been making mincemeat

Mrs Beeton's Mincemeat

2lbs raisins
3lbs currants
1 1/2lbs lean beef
3lbs beef suet
2lbs moist sugar
2oz citron
2oz candied lemon peel
2oz candied orange peel
1 small nutmeg
1 pottle of apples [a pottle is 4lbs]
the rind of two lemons, the juice of one
½ pint brandy

Stone and cut the raisins once or twice across, but do not chop them; wash, dry and pick the currants free from stalks and grit, and mince the beef and suet, taking care the latter is chopped very fine; slice the citron and candied peel, grate the nutmeg, and pare, core and mince the apples; mince the lemon peel, strain the juice and when all the ingredients are thus prepared, mix them well together, adding the brandy when the other things are well blended; press the whole into a jar, carefully exclude the air, and the mincemeat will be ready for use in a fortnight.

(Actually I only make half the quantity and buy my suet and mince pre minced, and Waitrose raisins and currants seem free of grit and useable straight out of the bag, no stoning, cutting or sorting - progress!) - The meat goes in raw and is preserved by the other ingredients.

Do make it - you will never touch the commercial stuff again.


So - at this stage the beef is still uncooked? And it gets cooked when you make the mince pies?

Once jar'd, keep in the fridge? I'm in France and we can't get suet, but whenever I've made dumplings or steak & kidney pud, I've bought beef fat from the bitcher and grated it. Works fine.

Yes and yes - and the jars keep fine in a cupboard, though once opened I tend to put them in the fridge.

You've been making it? Ooh, lovely.

What's "moist sugar". Can I just run some Silver Spoon under the tap?

I use dark muscovado sugar, same as I have on my cornflakes

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